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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I haven't had new hearing aids in over six years and frankly I'm amazed at how different they are. This new technology works well; the sound is natural, not tinny at all! When you already have to work to listen anything that hinders your hearing is a huge annoyance. These hearing aids are extremely comfortable, you hardly notice them and there's no feedback to contend with.  
I have been a customer of Kamloops Hearing Aid Centre for the past eight years.The staff have always shown a keen interest in helping me hear better and with their up to date knowledge and approachability I don't ever feel like I'm putting them out when I ask questions.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kamloops Hearing Aid Centre to anyone looking to improve their hearing!

Les Goddard

I find that I don’t even notice they are there; they are so comfortable and sound so natural that I often go to bed with them on. I have had hearing aids for five years and was sceptical of the behind the ear style of hearing aid because I did not want people to notice I was wearing them. I wear my new aids all the time. They are 1000% more clear than my old aids.

Daniel Welsh

I am very happy, i didn’t realize what a difference they would make. I now hear my turn signal in my car, i have turned the car radio down from 9 to 3! I wear them from morning to night. My wife had told me for the last ten years that i needed to do something about my hearing. I now know that she was right. It is just amazing.

Steven Baydak

Awesome! Top marks ! These guys truly get it . And it is wonderful knowing I’m supporting a family owned business 👍👍

Jack Pearson

Quick and efficient, results were clearly explained. Polite staff, would use the clinic in the future

Mike Thomas

Amazing family run business. I can’t thank them enough for the gift of hearing. Today I went for another hearing test as I haven’t been able to hear well and it had been a number of years with my current settings. Blaine was fantastic, cleaned and adjusted them and I could hear him even through the mask! I highly recommend this business!

Peggy Young (Metis Mama Handmade)

Knowledgeable professionals who do a great job. Being An Independent, not a manufacturer's outlet the can offer a variety products to find what is the best hearing aid for you.

Hugh S. Gregory III

I got my hearing aids here 5 years ago. They helped me at every level. One time I was in the USA and my dog chewed my hearing aids and they sent parts to me ASAP. Recently I got new Aids and the fitting and follow up was excellent. Highly recommend.

Ross Rykyta

My mom had to stop here while visiting from out of town. They were super accommodating, friendly and informative. Very impressed with their knowledge and service.

Jan J

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