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Here, take a look for yourself. Many people have benefited from our one-of-a-kind audio listening devices, and we continue to be Kamloops' first choice for hearing aides. See what others have said about our products!
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Les Goddard, Kamloops, BC

"I haven't had new hearing aids in over six years and frankly I'm amazed at how different they are. This new technology works well; the sound is natural, not tinny at all! When you already have to work to listen anything that hinders your hearing is a huge annoyance. These hearing aids are extremely comfortable, you hardly notice them and there's no feedback to contend with.  

I have been a customer of Kamloops Hearing Aid Centre for the past eight years.The staff have always shown a keen interest in helping me hear better and with their up to date knowledge and approachability I don't ever feel like I'm putting them out when I ask questions.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kamloops Hearing Aid Centre to anyone looking to improve their hearing!"

Daniel Welsh, Kamloops, BC

I find that I don’t even notice they are there; they are so comfortable and sound so natural that I often go to bed with them on. I have had hearing aids for five years and was sceptical of the behind the ear style of hearing aid because I did not want people to notice I was wearing them. I wear my new aids all the time. They are 1000% more clear than my old aids.

Steven Baydak, Kamloops, BC

I am very happy, i didn’t realize what a difference they would make. I now hear my turn signal in my car, i have turned the car radio down from 9 to 3! I wear them from morning to night. My wife had told me for the last ten years that i needed to do something about my hearing. I now know that she was right. It is just amazing.
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